Richard's Paint


Richards Paver Seal PaverSealA specially formulated clear sealer/finish designed for application to brick pavers, concrete floors, and other cementitious type floor substrates. Formulated from solvent thinned 100% acrylic resins, it provides an extremely durable finish that penetrates and seals the surface. It provides excellent resistance to surface powdering, oil and grease stains, and provides superior resistance to moisture. Easy to apply, it provides excellent coverage and adhesion, excellent wear and weather resistance, and it resists yellowing. It resists hot tire pick-up, has superior UV resistance, excellent product versatility, and its high-gloss finish enhances the color of the surface, as well as seal and waterproof the surface. For exterior use only.

Richards Rust Seal Rust Shield: A premium quality rust preventative industrial coating specially formulated for professional use. Its rich gloss finish provides excellent durability and performance in industrial, architectural and commercial applications. It provides superior coverage and good flow and leveling properties. Easy to apply, it is also resistant to moisture and chemical cleanings. It provides a finish that is not only durable, but also resists abrasion, blistering, chipping and peeling. Other qualities include  excellent adhesion, superior color and gloss retention, and it is suitable for application to a variety surfaces. For interior & exterior use.

Richard's Signature Series

Signature Series Interior Alkyd Satin Enamel: Devoe Paint's  "workhorse" product ideal for property maintenance. A quality latex wall and ceiling paint formulated to meet the requirements of painters, building contractors and building managers. Delivers high production with excellent dry hide and outstanding touch-up ability.

Richard's Rich Wall Rich Wall Premium:  A specially formulated ceiling paint designed to renew old ceilings and wall surfaces. Its special "spatter free" formulation provides an easy to apply flat finish that actually minimizes surface defects, resists soiling, provides excellent coverage, and is non-yellowing. It may also be tinted to pastel shades of color to add that special decorating touch. Easy to apply it dries overnight to a hard plaster-like finish that provides excellent durability to both new and previously painted surfaces, and is low VOC. For interior use only.